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Matt & Vickys History

Matt & Vicky were both born in the seventies and raised in Christian homes.
Vicky Commited her life to Christ when she was 3 years old and has been walking with the Lord since that time.
At the age of 17 Vicky felt the call from God to be trained and go to Bible College with Kingdom Faith Ministries and to serve that ministry.
Vicky took her first overseas missionary trip to Kenya and Tanzania in Africa to preach and teach in local Churches spending 3 whole months ministering the word of God as well as spending time with the local people.
Vickys heart is for teaching people the word of God and leading people into the truth of God's word so that they can live for God in a greater way.
After coming back from mission Vicky knew that she needed to do some Business administration training to support her ministry aswell as the future husband God had planed for her. In following this call God also provided a job for Vicky with a local charity and she was able to gain some valuable experience.

Matt in his childhood had made a few commitments to the Lord but backslid and went away from the Lord. Mat was involved in drugs, drank to much, and went with the girls.
In 1994 Matt went to a bible camp ran by Good news crusade in Malvern UK, at this camp God opened matt's eyes to the spiritual realm, and Matt has never been the same since, Matt remembers God saying to him "Matt you can follow me or waste your life" at once Matt made the decision to follow Christ. Matt also said "it felt like God shook the hell out of me and put the fear of God in me, not a fear of God but a respect of who he is".
Matt felt the call from God to know more about what God wanted him to do so he followed his heart and went on a one week evangelism training course with GNC in Cornwall in Sept 1994, through this training time God spoke to matt and called him into the Ministry as an evangelist. After the course Matt returned to Leicester, but he knew God wanted him to do more training so he returned to GNC to the training centre in 1995 for 3 months, God did many good things and Matt learn't a great deal and was working with Don Double and the rest of his team on lots of different missions around the country gaining lots of experience and friends.

Matt knew that the Lord was calling him back to Cornwall to be apart of the Church, so Matt spoke with the pastor and returned to Cornwall.
Matt also worked as he spent time with the Church, the Lord provided Matt with an Upholstery Job to earn some money as well as people from home supporting him. Matt spent two & half years of his life down in cornwall before he returned to leicester.

On one of Matts return visits to Leicester he met Vicky and started dating. Matt & Vicky both knew that God wanted them to be together and after 6 months of dating they got engaged, then 6 months later on the 8th May 1999 they were married.

Since being Married Matt and Vicky have travelled around the world together to minister Gods word, both of their ministries have complemented each other, and they have been able to reach thousands with the Gospel, many souls have been saved, they have seen many healings and lives restored.

2006 God opened the door for Matt to have extra teaching and training through the Bible School of the Missionary Church in USA which has helped to guide and teach Matt, the international pastors that were also their have invited Matt to there place of ministry.

IMI History

So Matt and Vicky run IMI which is an Evangelistic Ministry.
At the heart of the ministry is Global evangelism, reaching the unreached for Christ.
Giving people in whatever Nation the opportunity even if it is for the first time to hear about God's love, healing and delivering power.
The IMI ministry came out of a love for the Lord and a heavy burden for the lost.
As a ministry we believe it is vital for new Christians as well as old to move in the things of God, and to know and have a firm foundation in the things of God, so we train and make disciples of all Nations and release people in their ministry.
As a ministry are committed to preaching the Gospel, making disciples and planting Churches in the Nations,
We have been blessed to see thousands of people encouaged in their Christian faith and we count it a real blessing to have lead thousands of people to the Lord since 1994
We will do this wherever God gives us an open door to work from.

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